York and Albany – Camden Town

One afternoon we walked through Primrose Hill Park and checked out the beautiful view from its top. Then we wandered down to York and Albany. This is one of Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurants, so we thought we’d check it out, warm up a bit and snack. We sat in the bar area at some big comfy looking chairs that didn’t properly match the height of the tables between them. Because of this weird combination they weren’t actually all that comfy, probably had something to do with my short legs. What’s my point? Get a table. Anyway.
We tried the Roasted pumpkin soup with Parmesan bread sticks.


The Salt & pepper squid with green chilli & lime and the Charlotte potato & artichoke salad with black truffles.


It was good. The potato & artichoke salad had a bit too much dressing on it I think. None of it rocked my world, but I wouldn’t mind going back to try some pizza on a night when they have a live acoustic show.

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