Why I love the size of my refrigerator

Why I love the size of my refrigerator

I remember looking at my flat for the first time and was concerned about the size of the refrigerator. When looking online for the months previous to actually viewing flats in London I was introduced to the idea that people actually had tiny refrigerators and they did in fact survive. As mentioned a number of times before, I’m from Texas and like the saying goes, “Everything’s big in Texas”… including our refrigerators. I know people who have a huge fridge along with a freezer in the garage. We buy in bulk, we go to the store once every 2 weeks and come home with $200+ worth of food. Our pantries are full as are our refrigerators. In my single state I would still go to the store and buy $100 worth of food with every intention of cooking every night, or taking my lunch and making my breakfast. Food for when mom came over on Sunday or for when girlfriends stopped by to hang out during the week. Did I ever use all of my food? Did I use everything in my pantry before buying more? The answer to those questions is NO.

Since I’ve been in London with my little fridge not only have I cooked more in the last 8 weeks than I have in the past year but I use EVERYTHING in there. There is not a single thing I haven’t used in there. The beauty of it is that, of course, on the way home you can stop along any number of stores and pick up something that is either packaged as a meal for one or for two, pick up something to make from scratch or stop along and pick up take away from any number of restaurants. I realize that this is nothing new, there are tons of cities all over the world where this happens everyday. I ‘m just writing about my own personal realizations and things of interest in my life. I know I am a lucky, lucky girl who has a wonderful life filled with opportunity and  joy. So I am expressing that joy by letting every one know why I love the size of my refrigerator. It simplified my life and makes me feel productive and responsible. No more wasted food, I’m creating new dishes for consumption and not to mention it’s mini and mini things are cute.


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