Who moved my chopsticks?

There comes a time in everyone’s life…day… week… month when you freak out over what appear to others to be nothing. When you’ve had a completely fucked up week, you’ve failed your test and your job is so disappointing which leads to you believing your career choice is disappointing to your relationship with your boyfriend is even MORE complicated than being 4700 miles away to….WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY FUCKING CHOPSTICKS?!?!?! I laugh and think of the famous “Who moved my cheese?” but I laugh in a very small place deep inside because I want to cry in reality because I can’t find my chopsticks and I just spent $7.99 on sushi from Whole Foods when I had to put it on my credit card cause I’m so broke and now I have to eat it with my hands, because I can’t find my chopsticks… the chopsticks that are always in the drawer when I’ve needed them before.

Where in the hell could they be? I’m the only one around here who washes dishes because my boyfriend lives in a different country so I know he didn’t mistakenly put them in a different place than they usually reside. So I sit there and I eat my sushi roll with my fingers and I think to myself, “Well I’ve heard that the Japanese eat sushi with their hands, so really it’s totally normal” and then I think, “How in the hell would I know what the Japanese do? I’ve never been to their country nor have I had a friend who was Japanese!”

What’s the point of this random post you ask? It is important to give people the benefit of the doubt, I say. Like my mom always taught me, “You never know what someone else is going through. I know they might be lashing out at you, but maybe they just found out they have cancer or their mother died..you just never know. You need to be understanding and kill em with kindness.” I think back on this advice from my mom and I think… or they could have just had the shitiest month of their life and they lost touch with reality because they couldn’t find their chopsticks.

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