What is rocket?

What is rocket?

The first time I came to the UK I was introduced to rocket. We went to an Italian restaurant ASK and they offered a dish with a side of rocket. I had to ask (ha ha) what this was and it was described to be like a little side salad. Google told me it was arugula. And it’s everywhere over here.

On a plate with Eggs Florentine

Eggs FlorentineRocket

on breakfast sandwiches


mixed with truffles and potatoes for a delicious salad


I don’t know if this is how it has always been or if in the past few years rocket has grown in popularity. Either way it adds a fancy touch to absolutely everything. In the US you find a side salad consists mostly of iceburg lettuce, which has absolutely no nutritional value. Rocket is delicious and I buy it now in the store to have at home, mixed with some spinach, for a perfect salad. Love it!


If you want to learn a little more about arugula you can google it obviously! This is one article I thought was interesting…

Why You Should Be Eating More Arugula
May 21, 2012 by Sarah Betts in Healthy Eating

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