Warning! Only watch this if you want to feel inspired.

Warning! Only watch this if you want to feel inspired.

I am watching Louie Schwartzberg’s films on Netflix and just decided to hit pause and write this post. Because these films are so amazing and beautiful and inspiring that I felt the need to tell everyone I know about them immediately!

He has these time-lapse videos of nature (as seen above) that literally stop time for me. OK maybe not literally, but they stopped me in my tracks. I’m a product of my generation, the generation of not doing one thing at a time, sit on the couch watch TV with the computer on my lap as I text someone generation.  But these films make me stop and watch them and them alone! This guy is brilliant. They’re not too long so you are left wanting more or maybe to just watch them over and over again.

The natural process of a flower blooming did something to my heart… what’s that I feel? Joy perhaps? Awe? Wonderstruck? Something that is so natural, something that has been happening for centuries upon centuries has been laid before me in a beautiful easy to understand format for my enjoyment.

And is it enjoyment. AND I’m learning things. I watch those little hummingbirds and bats and think Ohhhhh… that’s how they eat… I always wondered about that.

It doesn’t stop there people. The one called Moving Art: Flowers made me giddy, matching the flowers open and close, each little part of them dancing and swaying, moving to make room for the other pedals to spread and stretch. Choreographers should watch these videos to gather inspiration. Everyone should watch these videos for inspiration. They are truly beautiful.

He has handed me a beautiful present. And I thank you for it Mr Schwartzberg. Thank you.

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