Wandering from Old Street to Barbican – London, England

Wandering from Old Street to Barbican – London, England

I took the train into London yesterday. Coming up into the sunshine out of Euston I went and spent some time with the Treasures of the British Library. Leaving to go meet a friend for lunch I headed back to Euston and as I got on the tube it felt so comforting that it was familiar. I knew where to go, which side to walk on, how to find my way through the underground. I remember when I first came to London I was so nervous walking around and was so easily swept up in the current of the people moving along in 5th gear. Now I walk at my own pace and stop to take pictures along the way. It felt comfortable and it felt so good to be there. The city does buzz and there is this excitement in the air of possibility. Maybe it was even more pronounced because I’ve been in Birmingham since September and while it is England’s Second City it is most certainly not its first.

After lunch at the Hoxton Grill I wandered from Old Street to Barbican.

I went into the Barbican Centre and spent some time with the Constructing Worlds Exhibit. It was so very cool and so very inspirational. I do love architecture. I love seeing old being adapted into new, exposed structures and well used spaces and not only does this Centre tick all of those boxes it has exhibits that do the same. I am currently under the impression that I am working towards being an architectural photographer. I am far from this actually being something I would claim to be and am admitting it here with some hesitation. I like the idea of it… similar to me liking the idea of being an architect. After spending years and years in school, working for almost a decade in an office and getting my license, I figured out that I didn’t actually want to work in an architecture firm anymore. I do still love being an architect, just not sure what I’m gonna do with it. Going around documenting architecture seems like a direction that makes sense. It’s one of those things I find I get easily lost in and generally find myself giddy in the middle of photographing a building just from the pleasure of it … and I’m not even getting paid to do it… yet.

So this collection of work of architecture by 18 different photographers, spanning 6 decades was right up my alley (or street as the Brits say). A few of the photographers I intend to spend some more time getting to know their work like Bernd and Hilla Becher, Thomas Struth, Luigi Ghirri and Iwan Baan.


After that I met up with my honey and we had some lovely Italian near Farringdon Station before heading back to Brum on the train. A lovely, lovely day that was.


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