TxA Convention 2016 – Debbie Millman + Branding

TxA Convention 2016 – Debbie Millman + Branding


TxA Convention 2016 – Debbie Millman “Why We Brand, Why We Buy”

So I went to the Texas Society of Architects (aka TxA) Convention this year. I hadn’t been since 2013 when I finally passed my last exam and wanted to join in the fun of sitting for hours and days learning about new programs, systems and better ways of working. This year, I wanted to get my Continuing Education units out of the way in 3 days. For those of you who don’t know, as a member of the AIA, American Institute of Architects, I have to obtain 18 hours every year. And these conventions make it easy to do so all at once. I used to work in an architecture firm and every few weeks we would have a lovely vendor or consultant come in and bring us lunch and provide an hour at a time for our records. That is no longer available to me. I’ve been working as a Construction Consultant for over a year now and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I’ll write about that later. So anywho… I wanted to tell you about this year’s convention because I gotta say… I’m inspired. There were 3 General Sessions and some cool talks, which I’ll share with you but not all at once. Because really… we all like it short and sweet so we can do our own web hunting.

I went to the first General Session on Friday to hear this clever lady, Debbie Millman. Now, Ms. Millman has a podcast, the first on design since 2005 she states, writes books, does fantastic research and owns, I imagine, 150 black dresses all of which are adorable. I’m certain of it. I was blown away by her talk. Now, some of you know me and are aware of the fact that I LOVE Sociology and Anthropology… along with Architecture. I was accepted into the Anthropology Grad Program at University College London a couple of years ago but decided I didn’t want to be $50,000 in debt when really it’s an interest and not something I intend to make a career out of. Back to the point, Debbie talked about branding, but in a way that spoke to my soul. The idea of branding as it speaks to people, how we see things, how we’ve changed over time and how we can improve ourselves and the people around us. It was fascinating and I want to read all of her books now and have been listening to her podcasts since that day. AND she’s witty.

Here’s her website… www.debbiemillman.com. Enjoy.

You’re welcome.


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