To gray or not to gray

About 7 years ago I started the ever feared process of graying. My hair. Not on purpose. I bought a house, a fixer upper. Really a gut-ter… We literally gutted it. I was working full time, going to graduate school full time, working on side jobs AND dealing with an unreasonably demanding and never able to please live in boyfriend. I grayed. Again, I was 25. And I’m not surprised.

It didn’t affect me like it does some women. I don’t remember really caring other than feeling the need to go by the store and purchase a $3 box of brown hair dye. I hadn’t colored my hair until a few years earlier anyways, adding highlites now and again when the mood suited me. So now that I’m 32 and those grays just keepa comin’ I’m asking myself… Do you just embrace them? How many women in their 30s have let the gray run free? Would I be judged? Would I start a new trend? My honey is gray…. Would we match better in pictures… I’m actually laughing at what I just wrote.

Would it be viewed as giving up? Do I continue to fight the good fight and push my brown dye onto these colorless pigmented hairs? I don’t know… Perhaps I will let them breath for a few months but chances are in a little while I’ll look in the mirror and think… I don’t like seeing gray hair on my head. And off to Walgreens I’ll go.

Meanwhile I will also avoid my hairdresser because he will most certainly judge me. And look down on me. Even if he shaves his own head because he’s balding. Serves him right being so judgy.

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