The Tate Modern and its surroundings

The Tate Modern and its surroundings

I made a new friend! Yeah! We met at this lovely Tapas restaurant called Mar i Terra. And some delicious comida and vino.

This view was across the street from the restaurant and I thought it was an example of old and new. The Blackfriar Wine Bar is under the train track arches with the Palestra in the background. It was designed by Will Alsop and completed in 2006.


After stuffing our faces with Patatas bravas, Aceitunas caseras, Pimientos de Padrón and a delicious Gazpacho we strolled over to the Tate to check it out. These are some buildings we passed along the way.

IMG_3061 IMG_3059

While walking through the streets with a view of the NEO Bankside by Roger Sirk Harbour + Partners you can see the Tate’s tower and the new addition going up in the distance.


I was excited when I was all of that concrete.


And then I saw this rendering… and am left thinking… why in the hell would they cover up all of that concrete with brick? Yeah I get that you’re trying to match the brick from the old plant, but why would you do that?


Inside was wide open… seems like an enormous amount of unused space in there. It was a bit intimidating too. This giant space and everyone’s on the left watching, just looking over into the giant void… and then at you because you’re the only one walking into this giant space.

IMG_3066 IMG_3068

While inside we saw some interesting pieces… some were questionable and I was happy that my museum buddy shared my puzzlement at the forms of “art” on display.

The view from one of the cafes was lovely…


The Millennium Bridge is pretty interesting.


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  • I am amazed every time I look at buildings and wonder how on earth did someone think of how to put that together.

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