The Roman Baths… in Bath

The Roman Baths… in Bath

As part of the tour I got on Groupon we cruised into Bath after checking out Stonehenge. The first thing we did was head towards The Roman Baths for a tour. On the way we had a lovely view of the Bath Abbey, aka The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Bath Abbey’s easier to remember, right?


It’s a little bit Gothic. I personally love Gothic architecture… it always looks so solid and the ornament is lovely.


I believe these little guys are climbing their way to Heaven…or trying to. Except for that one who is going the wrong way! Maybe she slipped… missed a rung.



So we made our way to the Baths and wouldn’t ya know they’re refurbishing the outside.

It must be done. I do understand.


The number of signs crack me up… because Bath’s so big ya know… I mean someone might not know where to find the MOST FAMOUS THING in this city.



I don’t think they wanted anyone climbing up or sitting along the perimeter.


When you walk in the door this is your view. Clean, crisp, beautiful.




This is where the spring still comes to the surface. It’s pretty wonderful to see and imagine what it was like in it’s  hay day. There were a ton of displays and models too. Lots of information and things to learn. They even had a display of how women would wear their hair and they had some accessories that were… oh… ya know centuries old.



They tell you NOT to touch the water… birds poop in it and it’s not filtered… but atleast it still gets used in some way.


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