The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery

I’ve been wanting to go to this Gallery for a while. I don’t know why I love portraits so much, but I do. So I’ll start by showing you Trafalgar Square which I can guarantee will be featured in many posts in this blog. I love it and love photographing it. The piece is by Katharina Fritsch’s “Hahn/Cock” and is meant to symbolize male dominance in Britain. A serious topic perhaps, but I think it just mostly makes people smile. Not sure if that’s what she was going for. I like this guy and think he works well against the mostly gray backdrop of the sky. He would have been supremely appropriate for the Year of The Rooster celebration but that was not this year.



The National Gallery which I have been to and was overwhelmed with the amount of art in it. I think you could go every week for a year and notice new pieces. Luckily it’s FREE so I can do just that!

National Gallery

Traf Square03

Traf Square02

These two just looked too colorful not to photograph. This picture still makes me smile.

Ladies in waiting

So this is the National Portrait Gallery…


Good view

Inside Stair

I absolutely LOVE marble busts and sculptures. It is so amazing how a cold piece of hard stone can be made to look so delicate and gentle. I could stare at these for hours. Funny how style just recycles through the years, isn’t it?


What’s that you say?

Bronze close up






Is this Jeremy Renner’s relative? I think it must be.



I look forward to returning again and again.

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