The Flat – March

The Flat – March

So the furniture arrived in February and it was a happy day.

The packages arrived

And we spend the day putting it all together… All day. I know it’s potentially weird, but I enjoy putting things together. Happy Day!

As a result… I present The Flat as it sits in March. There are still things to be done, pictures to be hung and throw blankets and pillows to be purchased, but it’s so much cozier than before and I LOVE it!

This dresser is adorable


and some cute things for the kitchen too

and these adorable placemats I got in Bath. They are from a store called Magpie and I can’t begin to describe the absolute joy that these designs along with their other lines bring to my heart. Check them out!

Hope you think there is progress being made here. It feels like there is.

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