The Flat – April

The Flat – April

Initially I had high hopes that I would have done more to the flat by now. I have not. The only thing I’ve done is put up the picture gallery, which I like. These are the frames I found online at Gumtree (the Craigslist equivalent in the UK) from a few different folks.

To the left you will see my sticky note calendar for the things I will and want to post on. Those are all ideas and things I’ve done… just haven’t gotten them into the ole computer yet. But I’m working on it…

IMG_3254So I didn’t want to spend a lot of money filling up the picture frames, which lead me to be a little resourceful. I downloaded free printable downloads from a few blogs I follow. 3 of the photos were still in the frames when we bought them and I like them enough to leave them for now.


I cut up a map of the Big Smoke for 3, the program Honey brought back from this year’s Burns Night now proudly rests on the wall and a little creation I made in a Creative Salon I went to a few weeks ago is feature front and center. It kind of looks like a bird, one person there thought it looked like a dragon.

It’s suppose to remind me daily to tap into my “inner creative muse”.


I got that I Love London piece at the Design Museum Store and for a few of the pics I decided to bust up the Museum of London book I bought the last time I was there and make it so I could look at some of my favorite images a little more often than if they were just in a book on the shelf.

2014-03-26 22.12.19

This one if my favorite. She’s being hauled off after standing up for women’s suffrage in the UK… the Living the London Dream I just ripped out of a magazine.

I hope to do more… but as we all know, it takes time.

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