The Dark Horse in Moseley Village

The Dark Horse in Moseley Village

The Dark Horse is the first place we ate in Moseley Village. We were casing the area for a potential place to live and stopped because we were starving. I am so glad we did and we have returned time and again since.




My favorite thing is the Snow White Pizza. Try it!



Moza Burger



This is Texas Caviar and it was DELICIOUS!


And this is how the British do pulled pork. I’ve ordered it over here (once in London at Porky’s) twice now and it comes out in a HUGE portion with sides and no bread!! No pickles or onions or jalapeños either. The beans on the side were like a stew and I was so glad that on this visit I was sharing with my honey because I don’t see how it’s possible for 1 human being to eat this entire plate on their own. You’ve been warned. Still it was pretty darn good.

So next time you’re in Moseley and are hungry… and it’s at night during the week or for lunch and dinner on the weekends go in! This was also my first impression of the kind hospitality and friendliness that one encounters in Moseley Village. Love it!

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