The British Bye

The British Bye

When I first started talking with my Scottish honey on the phone and he would say Bye, I thought he was saying it the way he was saying it because we were in a deep state of like. An affectionate little lift at the end of the Byyeeee, kind of like he was singing it a little. Or perhaps the way we Americans say bye to children in a sweet, soft way. Well… it’s not just because he loves me and it’s not just him. They all do it. Well, I’m sure there are some angry Brits out there who don’t deliver their valediction with a song but on the phone and in person they mostly say Bye the same way.

I was a bit cynical the first time a woman I was speaking with said it because I thought…“Is she being condescending?”

No, in fact, she is not. I’m getting use to it… slowly.

I learned a new word for this post! Wonder what valediction is? It’s the opposite of a salutation, meaning it’s a way of saying goodbye. Use it in a sentence today.

You’re welcome.

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