Thames River Tour – Millennium Bridge to Greenwich

Thames River Tour – Millennium Bridge to Greenwich

This is the follow up to Thames River Tour – Westminster to Millennium Bridge… the rest of the pictures. The thing I took away from the tour is what the acronym WHARF stands for…ware-house at river front. I still think it’s a cool piece of information.

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This place is known as Riverside House. Original name right? The steps in the next picture are actually protected by the British government and will remain there forever. I don’t remember why though! I know… I should have taken notes. If anyone knows please leave a comment!


IMG_3153 copy


The HMS Belfast is shown here with it’s Razzle Dazzle which I learned about while listening to 99% Invisible. The podcast covering this imaginative and strategically brilliant idea is my favorite.

IMG_3160 copy

This is City Hall, which I have written about before. You can read more HERE.


More pictures or Tower Bridge… because it’s hard not to get out my camera when I’m near it. No matter how many pictures I already have. This was a unique view though… going under it.



Here’s the Design Museum, which I wrote about HERE.




IMG_3183 copy

IMG_3185 copy

The Mayflower was, rumor has it, where The Mayflower… that famous ship heading to America, was docked. And where it’s passengers boarded for their journey. It boasts the claim of the oldest pub on the River Thames. It’s on my list of places to visit.IMG_3188

IMG_3189 copy

This place was designed so that every single unit had a view of the river. Doesn’t it look like an giant Aztec city?





And then we landed at Greenwich with a view of The Cutty Stark… read more on that tomorrow!

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