So did I ever find my perch?

So did I ever find my perch?

When I started this blog a few years ago I was unhappy with the place my life was in. I wasn’t crazy about the city I lived in and I wasn’t that happy with my career. I started this site to document (for myself mostly) what I was doing and the things I was changing… I wanted to find my perch. And I did… which is why I haven’t blogged in… like 2 years. Sorry about that.

What have I been doing?… you ask.

Did I tell you I moved to Colorado? Yeap! Me and about 4 million other folks to date. I moved to the Denver metro and I absolutely love seeing those mountains every morning. They’re just so beautiful and calming to my inner-ness. I also have a new job! Well… I guess it’s not new anymore. I work with a Construction Consulting company and we do site visits, among other things, for banks and investors.  So all those years sitting in an architecture office, culling through details and drawings, coordinating with consultants and translating what Owners want has been pretty darn useful. I travel around a few states each month to visit these construction sites and I have already learned so many things I would have never learned in a firm. I wish construction and architecture weren’t so separated, because you wouldn’t think they would be.

Anywho… on my travels each month I see some fun things along the way if there’s time. I have always wanted to travel a lot and I use to feel a bit ansy if I hadn’t gone somewhere atleast every 3 months. Even just a day trip… something about the change of scenery does something for my sanity. Well… I don’t have to worry about that now. I am always ready to get home but then I’m almost always ready to head out again. So in order to try and get back into the blogging thing I’m going to attempt to post weekly about what I’ve been doing lately. I’m stealing the idea from Elephantine. She has an beautiful blog and I want some of her jewelry.

So, last week I…

  • Traveled to Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas (drove the whole route)

  • Ordered new hiking boots because I wear them for work and the old ones are getting worn down
  • Got a FitBit Flex 2 so I can get help with being more mindful of my activities (need to lose that weight!)
  • Made steamed broccoli and rice in the Holiday Inn microwave for dinner… cause I personally get sick of eating out all the time.

  • Stopped at The Rack in Tulsa, Oklahoma and bought myself a lovely new bag for traveling

That just about does it. That’s enough right? I might post randomly to cover some of the things I’ve been doing over the past 2 years… cause it’s been busy folks!

2 thoughts on “So did I ever find my perch?”

  • Love the updates, keep them coming. 😉

    Derek’s moms family was from CO. They settled in Colorado Springs. in 1903, I think it was his, gr-gran boarded the ship, Kroonland, met and married a Frenchman and settled there. The mountains are so pretty.

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