Regent’s Park – Queen Mary’s Garden – Southeast

Regent’s Park – Queen Mary’s Garden – Southeast

Queen Mary’s Garden is my favorite part of Regent’s Park. It was created in 1932 and named after Queen Mary (obviously) who was married to King George V. There are around 12,000 roses in the garden and since they’re suppose to bloom in June I’m saving that part of the garden for a later post. I’ll go capture all of those lovely buds and blooms in June along with their bees and other critters that they attract.


So these are the gates to the garden…


And all of their lovely details

This part of the garden is so lovely. There’s a pond full of lovely ducks, willow trees and lovely bridges..


This bridge discourages people from jumping in the water I guess…







There are a number of statues of these little naked babies mucking about with ducks.



This is at the entrance to the rose garden, beautiful bells.


I just love how the British use their green spaces. It’s so common to see this scene when the sun is out.


4 thoughts on “Regent’s Park – Queen Mary’s Garden – Southeast”

  • Hi Andrea,

    This is Gil from San Antonio and a co-worker of your Mom. Although, I have been in London several times, I enjoy your pictures every time you add a new batch. As a matter of fact, I started saving many of your pictures in one of my photo collection from around the world. Thanks and hope you enjoy your Mom visit soon.


    • Thanks Gil! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. It’s so much fun visiting this town and taking pictures. I know we will have fun when she visits and I’ll be sure to post lots of pics form our week together!

      Take care!

  • Andrea you did a great job on posting about this incredible park. Thank you for taking me there and sharing this glorious part of LONDON with me. I remember us strolling arm and arm except when we stopped and became very excited with all of the roses and started taking pictures. Experiencing the park changed my whole attitude about LONDON. The park is inspiring as nature enfolds you into its spirit and renews every molecule of your body, mind and soul. The vastness of the park holds you in its splendor and rejuvenates your ability to see everything in a new light. You can enter at any entrance and stroll for a short time, sit on a bench, or rest on a blanket and enjoy a book and or lunch. You can just watch the folks dropping in and the puppies running and playing on the rich green grass. It is a glorious place to visit. I will be returning soon.

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