My first week in London

My first week in London

So I was playing around with the themes on WordPress yesterday and decided it was a good day to change things up. I hope you like it, I do! I’m also working with this nice lady, Jess Craig at, to draw me up a banner, so I’m super excited about that. We shall see what she comes up with. (In an update this woman took my $50 and has not produced a single thing or been in contact to apologize or refund my money)

Yesterday was officially one week that I have been in London. It has flown by and I’m amazed how at home I feel. Granted we do not have any living room furniture yet, it’s comfy enough for now. We will be receiving my first delivery from IKEA in a few weeks so we will make the most of it. I thought I’d just make myself a list of things I’ve been doing this week and share it with you too!

Week 1:

For the flat:

  • Unpacked all suitcases and found a home/temporary home for all items
  • Unpacked goodies we had ordered online to be delivered the day I got here (it was like Christmas) and found a home for them all
  • Went out to IKEA Wembley to sit on sofas and open dresser drawers
  • Came home, got online, made a shopping list, mulled over if I was making the right decisions, asked honey what he thought (he was no help… only wants things to sit on and eat at), slept on it and then ordered it. Wouldn’t you know waiting one night added 11 days onto our delivery date. It’s all good though.
  • Made a few trips to Morrison’s Supermarket in Camden Town
  • Set up kitchen


  • Stopped into a few shops down Haverstock Hill and Chalk Farm Road
  • Walked up to Hampstead Heath and stopped to watch all of the adorable mud covered dogs and children. The ponds are beautiful and I can’t wait to go back and explore more. That place is huge!
  • Went into Daunt Books… avoided buying everything I saw (waiting for bookshelves then I’ll slowly sneak them in… maybe honey won’t notice the growing collection. I don’t understand how someone couldn’t want a whole flat full of books, I guess we can’t see eye to eye on everything)
  • Visited a new tube station and area (on the list to explore) Swiss Cottage
  • Changed blog theme
  • Contacted Jess to work on my banner design
Hampstead Heath Pond 2
Hampstead Heath Pond 2

Job search:

  • Registered with RIBA online for a recruiter
  • Updated LinkedIn profile
  • Called the 3 other recruiters I have been in contact with – no leads though :/
  • Applied for 3 positions
  • Downloaded the list of employers who are registered to sponsor a non-UK worker and am slowly sifting through the 1700 pages (not exaggerating)  to find architecture firms, developers, contractors and the like to contact


  • Spaghetti with meat sauce, bruschetta and cream cheese filled peppers
  • Egg in a hole
  • Tomato and 3 bean soup

Ate at:

  • Ginger and White (yummy BLT…errr BRT = Bacon, Rocket and Tomato)
  • Chez Bob (it was ok but will most likely try something new before probably going back)
  • Pizza Express (good pizza and dough balls with 3 yummy dips)
  • Sir Richard Steele’s Pub (ehh… ok food. Interesting specials but again will probably try something new before returning)
  • Ikura Japanese (delicious vegetable tempura ubon noodles, tuna and avocado roll, seaweed and cucumber salad)
  • Cinnamon (lovely breakfast and coffee)

Not to bad if I say so myself. Have I mentioned how much I love my life?

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