My first house shoot

My first house shoot

I’ve been a busy girl. I have been back in San Antonio for a few weeks and had the chance to photograph a friend’s house that is for sale. The realtor had a photographer… a professional one, come and shoot the house. My friend had the house staged after this though and so I took it upon myself to invite myself over to photograph the house with the furniture in it. He was gracious enough to let me and share the photos with his realtor and I was over the moon to see that they were good enough to be used. Now… by no means are they wonderful but it gave me so much encouragement to keep pushing towards practicing photography. I am properly chuffed (as my British friends would say). I already have learned a lot about somethings I should have done differently, like the white balance is off. The side rooms could be lit better… Always carry an extra charged battery. I still need to work on replacing the sky in pictures, too.

I thought I’d share them in this post so hopefully in a few months we can all look back and see how much I’ve improved… that’s the hope. I’d love feedback from anyone who knows about photography. I know I have a lot to learn and it’s just starting.

If anyone wants to buy a lovely home, check out the link… HERE!

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