Moving to the UK – Packing the familiar

Moving to the UK – Packing the familiar

3. Packing to feel at home

After packing all of the essentials,  it was time to figure out what would fit in my carry on that would make our new place feel like home for me. I had read this post by Kellylyfe (an adorable blog I follow) that said she brought some stuff from home to make it feel more comfy for her and her husband. I decided to take her advice and spent some time deciding on what to bring. So here they are… things I thought were worth carrying with me.

Measuring cups, magnets from my travels, eating out dice, Robert Tatum pics, books for London I got as presents for my journeys and some little nic-nak storage containers for here and there. I also brought my duvet cover and pillow cases, some beer koozies ( he still does not understand why we use them). Honey had a few things to contribute… a piñata (named Chuy) I got him the first time he came to visit and a cute jar that was in the cheese basket I ordered for him for his birthday. He travels light.

Familiar 01

 A little clay figurine from San Antone, my Women of Ireland pic by Anna Nielsen I got in Dublin on the trip I met my honey on.

Adam and Eve

and this cute owl I got at a yard sale. Because he makes me smile 🙂


These things really have helped. It is so comforting to see and use them.

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