Moving to the UK – Packing the essentials

Moving to the UK – Packing the essentials

2. Packing the Essentials Someone I worked with in San Antone asked me before I left, “So what do you do to pack? Does it involve a steamer trunk?” That made both of us laugh.  No, it did not. It involved 3 checked bags and one carry on.

The baggage with Chuy for scale

I tried so hard to only bring 3 bags, but it just didn’t happen. And I got a little surprise at the airport because I thought the first checked bag was Free and every bag after was $100. Nope! On American Airlines it’s $100 for the FIRST extra bag, then $200 for the second. So there you have it. Still cheaper than boxing my clothes up and Fed Ex-ing them over here. That would have been about $430 just for one bag.

In progress…

The approach I took was to make a pile of EVERYTHING I thought I wanted to take, then see how much of it would fit into 3 bags. This is why I brought 4 bags, you see. I packed, unpacked, reassessed, repacked, unpacked, reassessed… in total about 3 times. I used these fantastic Ziploc Space Bag 15 Bag Space Saver Set which were amazing! I got so excited because I had gone and bought a giant suitcase (the green one above) for $60 thinking “I’ll put everything in here and only need 3 bags!”.

Vacuum bags
Vacuum bags

I should’ve known. I put that bad boy on the scale and it was over 80 lbs. So out came the 4th bag and wouldn’t you know I found some more things to pack. Things I left in Texas:

  • shorts
  • sundresses
  • sandals
  • all but two pair of high heels

I also spent the 6 months before moving, purging my closet and dressers. I made a number of trips to the Medina Children’s Home donation site. It’s funny isn’t it how we hold onto things for YEARS. I mean some of that stuff I hadn’t even seen in 2 years. Why was I keeping it? I read an article saying if you haven’t worn it in 6 months then give it away. Well, I couldn’t exactly go with that advice since it is usually about 40 degrees warmer in San Antonio than in London in the winter (oh but not this winter…no the winter I’m gone it’s colder in SA than in London). But still, I got the spirit of the article and went with it. So what I wound up bringing was:

  • 4 pairs of boots
  • a pair of sneakers (or trainers)
  • a pair of converse
  • 2 pairs of heels
  • 3 pairs of flats
  • 10 sweaters
  • 10 blouses
  • 10 pairs of slacks/trousers/jeans/skinnies
  • 6 T-shirts
  • 8 dresses
  • 2 skirts
  • 8 jackets
  • a bunch of scarves
  • obviously undergarments
  • a wool coat
  • a raincoat

In the wardrobe here in the flat surprisingly everything just about fits. I ordered a small 3 drawer dresser from IKEA for mine and my honey’s delicates and that about does it. So see… there will be plenty of room for me to do a bit of shopping over here. Excellent!

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