Looking forward

The world wide web and I have been looking for places to live in London this weekend. How much can I expect to spend, does rent include utilities, how much is the average phone or internet and cable bill? How much is public transportation? How much, how much, how much?

In this mind numbing search I have come across some funny (to me) terms I realize I will need to become very familiar with. They are as follows:

side aspect sash window, telephone point, television point, chrome mixer tap, integrated four ring gas hob with extractor hood, wash basin

Now while I’m not completely unfamiliar with the list above, some words like aspect are not in my daily vocabulary, nor is wash basin. In doing some other research for London I found that things like chrome mixer taps at sinks and showers aren’t all that common. It’s amazing how spoiled we are here in America. I’m certainly spoiled, living in my 534 square foot apartment for less than $1000 a month in downtown San Antonio, or on the outside of downtown anyway. I had to “downsize” all my crap to fit into this space and I look around now and there are things that I have literally not touched in a year other than to clean around or under them.

The most exciting thing about the idea of living in a new country is learning a new way of saying things that I am already somewhat familiar with. British English (or English as they would call it) seems to be quite different from American English. Learning what luxuries I have had the advantage of growing up with that I am just unaware of and have been taking for granted all of my life is something else I look forward to. I can’t wait to live in a 173 square foot studio for $1700 a month and look back on that crappy old one bedroom duplex I paid $650 for and see it in a whole new light. I think that’s one of the things I am most looking forward to in this hopeful new journey, a fresh perspective and clear eyes on what I have available and what’s always been there but I’ve never really noticed.

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