Long distance love vs braces

I remember having braces when I was 18. Yeah… when I was 18. It was so awesome having them in college. I imagine even more awesome than having them in high school. Regardless, as I left work today thinking about when I’ll next see my honey in 2 weeks a comparison came to mind. Long distance love is like having braces…sort of.

Stay with me here.

When you leave your honey after 7 wonderful days together, it’s like going to the dentist for a tightening. It’s painful and fresh and it’s hard to eat and really think about much else. Then as the days flow by you get use to the constant uncomfortable ache, even though it’s still there and you’re still aware of it. The day comes when you get to see your honey again and there’s no pain. Then you leave him again and it starts all over.

I ache for him. The anticipation is a steady ache. I know it will get here soon. And I’m trying hard to not wish my days would go faster, just so I can see him because I know that I’ll miss other important things in my life if I’m only looking forward for him.

But man…. in 2 weeks, when I get to hug that neck… there will be no pain. Just a cloud of euphoria surrounding me. For 5 days.

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