Here vs. There

in the US  v. in the UK

mm/dd/yy = dd/mm/yy


November 24th = the 24th of November

while = whilst

check = cheque

line = queue

underwear = pants

pants = trousers

sweater = jumper

sweater vest = tank top

Architectural Intern = Architects Assistant Part II

Architect = Architect (Overseas) – or – Part II Equivalent

Now = the now

Knocked up = up the duff

Throw out = get shot of it

Do you have a UK passport? = Do you have a passport?

Email me = ping me

References = referees

Hood = bonnet

Trunk = boot

Hire a handman = Buy a man in

Rent = Hire

Eggplant = aubergine

running around town = pottering about town

flashlight = torch

Are you over me? = Are you off me?

Grilled cheese sandwich = Toasted cheese sandwich

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