Jersey’s St Lawrence Beach

Jersey’s St Lawrence Beach

When we were planning our trip to Jersey I was excited to find an apartment across the street from the beach. It was so comfortable and convenient. St Lawrence beach was what we walked up and down daily with our coffee, when we got pizza from the cute Pizza Shack that snugged up to the sand’s edge or when we were walking back from one of the two bordering cities, St Helier or St Aubin. Jersey-St-Lawrence-Beach-01

Jersey-St-Lawrence-Beach-02 As most people know, the fun of staying so close to the beach is seeing what it has in store at different times of the day. Jersey-St-Lawrence-Beach-03


Jersey-St-Lawrence-Beach-05The unleashed dogs chasing tennis balls into the surf, the come and go of the tide, the teenagers necking by the stairs that lead up to the paved path…

Jersey-St-Lawrence-Beach-06 … the lovely sound of the water pushing and pulling over itself. I can hear it now and am instantly relaxed. Jersey-St-Lawrence-Beach-07

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