Jersey’s La Corbiere Lighthouse

Jersey’s La Corbiere Lighthouse

On the second day on Jersey we took the Full Island Tour (You can read about HERE) and stopped briefly at La Corbiere Lighthouse. I think we were there for about 15 minutes which didn’t allow us time to walk out to the Lighthouse at the time so we knew we were absolutely going to return. A few days later we used the Liberty bus pass we got and headed there to wander around and enjoy the views.

Jersey-Le-Corbiere-01We were really lucky while we were there and the weather was beautiful. The walk out to the Lighthouse was so beautiful. The waves crashing against the rocks on both sides of us. The colors were lovely and such a combination… brown, green, blue and rust.



We walked out there and found that the Lighthouse was closed. We didn’t even think to check and see if they accepted visitors in the building. It is an absolute MUST to head out and enjoy the views. Jersey-Le-Corbiere-04


There are some benches outside of the Lighthouse you can sit on but just be aware of the incoming tide because if it comes in while you’re dozing on the bench enjoying the sun… you’re stuck.Jersey-Le-Corbiere-06

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