Jersey Lavender Fields

Jersey Lavender Fields

Being as honest as possible without being rude about it, I’ll say that this was not my favorite thing to do on the island. First off I lead my mom and I on the wrong path to the farm. By this I mean that I thought I was taking us onto a walking path through a wooded park where we would stop to watch squirrels frolic and birds search for nest building material but I failed. Miserably. I took a right too soon and proceeded to lead us up a heavily traveled road… no sidewalks  (pavement). Did I mention that my mom was recovering from food poisoning? I felt like a major asshole but luckily she’s a sweetheart and made the most of it. We found the end of the pedestrian trail… right before we got there. Oh and I got no service on most of the island so I couldn’t even ask Siri where we were going. Adventure. Finally we saw signs pointing us in the right direction. We did not die that day.

This cool fence was on our way to the entry… no sitting up there to rest.


And then we saw the sign! We wandered in, through the store, ate something at the little cafe. Good food. Then made our way outside. To be honest it felt like we were just visiting someone’s back yard. The lavender wasn’t blooming like crazy. The fields looked a little un-manicured and the highlight for us was the cute dog asleep while the chickens and rooster peeked around the garden.


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