Jersey Island All Day Tour

Jersey Island All Day Tour

The first time my honey told me he was going to Jersey my mind filled with images of tan, muscular, fist pumping youths.

“Oh… well, I’m kind of sad you’re going to my country without me, but I hope you have fun.” I said, half hearted.

“No, ” he started, laughing at me, “Jersey in the Channel Islands…. by France”.

Ohhhhh… where? Out comes the lovely iPhone and Google Map App and I see where the Channel Islands are. Wait a minute, I think, I’ve read about Guernsey before. Well, I say I read about it, I listened to an audiobook which for some reason I still have trouble claiming I have read a book when someone else did all the hard work and I just plugged in while working. Regardless I remember reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and Jersey is located just a stone’s throw. It is a truly unique place. First of all Jersey is only about 45 square miles in size. There are 12 Parishes and according to the lady whose house we stayed at, when she was growing up on the island they never left their Parish. So that’s less than 4 square miles of land per Parish (averaging things out for convenience). 4 square miles that contains your school, church, store, entertainment, family and friends. 4  square miles was their world. It’s hard for me to imagine or atleast it was at the beginning of our trip.

On the first full day there we took an All Day Tour of the island. We used Char-A-Banc Island tours and our driver Eddie was a Scotsman who had lived on Jersey for over 30 years. He told us a lot of interesting facts throughout the day. For instance in order to own property on the island you have to basically jump through hoops. The facts are still a little unclear to me. The tour around the island just hits the perimeter but it really gives you an overview of the place and lets you decide where you want to go back to again and spend some more time. It’s also nice to get so much commentary and be higher up in the coach so that you’re view isn’t only that of bush lined streets.


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