Itinerary for Visiting London

Itinerary for Visiting London

My mom is coming to visit and I’ve been working on an itinerary to show her around. I have this love of lists you see and this provided me with an excellent opportunity to figure out what all to show her and schedule it all at the same time! Do things ever go as scheduled you ask? No. But I think it’s better to have a plan, plan too much and have the flexibility to pick and choose rather than have no plan and wander aimlessly. I love exploring, but I’m a lousy wanderer. I need direction. So here is my proposed direction for her first visit to the UK.

Feel free to steal it and adapt for your own visit.

Overall London-labeled

I will preface this list by saying my mother’s requirements for this trip consisted of:

  1. Seeing me, of course
  2. Bridges, bridges, bridges
  3. Museums, museums, museum
  4. Good food

Literally. When I asked her what all she had on her list she emailed me that.

So this is what I am proposing.


Day 01

  • Wander down to the Camden Markets, Locks and Stables.
  • Grab a bite to eat at the Food Tents (which I have written about before HERE)
  • Walk over to Regent’s Park to walk off the delicious grub. Stroll through and enjoy the Queen’s Garden and the Boating Pond. Enjoy watching the birds feed on whatever people are throwing at them. Walk north to Primerose Hill.

Hyde to Tower of London

Day 02

  • Head to the British Museum, spend some time there and
  • then stroll through Chinatown
  • Walk through Leicester Square
  • and on to the National Portrait Museum, check out the lovely faces.
  • Trafalgar Square is just south of this and we can walk around and see what all is going on. Enjoy the view and the people.
  • Head into the National Gallery.

Day 03

  • After a big breakfast we will take the London Cab Tour with Graham Green that I won from a contest from The Little London Observationist’s blog. Thank you Stephanie!
  • He will be dropping us off at the London Eye after 2 hours of touring, where we will enjoy our daytime viewing.
  • Then we’ll hop on the tube and head over to the Hilton at London Bridge for Sushi High Tea. After getting our fill we will start our leisurely stroll back to the London Eye via the river front.
  • The Queen’s Walk extends all the way up to St Paul’s from Westminster but we will be strolling from London Bridge to Westminster Bridge this day.
  • Finally we will check out the skyline at night from the London Eye and see where else the night takes us.

Day 04

  • First thing is to check out The British Library at King’s Cross and Euston Stations because my mother LOVES books and Libraries. They have some cool exhibits and like most buildings in the UK, it has history and stories on its own.
  • After we’ll hope back on the tube and head towards Barbican where we’ll walk to the Museum of London. We’ll have to limit our time here because you could spend all day here and only really explore a couple levels. It’s massive and has so much history and excellently curated displays.
  • We’ll take a stroll outside and see some of the London Wall
  • before heading south to see St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • We’ll eat at B.O.B. Lobster Pop-up Restaurant which I heard about from The Londoner.
  • After that we will slowly (because we’ll be so full I’m sure) walk to The Tower of London and hear about it’s colorful history and tour it a bit.
  • Finally we will cross Tower Bridge, enjoying the beautiful view and
  • end the day’s tour at City Hall’s plaza and
  • Hay’s Gallery.


Day 05

  • We will be waking up super early this morning to head out to Stonehenge on Premium Tours. I got lucky and there was a Groupon for a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. Since we both wanted to see those historic stones and I don’t have a car, well it just seemed perfect. I think we spend an hour at the site and then head off to Bath.


  • After we arrive we will head to pick up lunch at Sally Lunn’s (famous buns) and stroll to the Parade Gardens to eat.
  • Walk down to the Royal Crescent
  • and up to the Circus
  • and across the Pulteney Bridge.
  • Enjoy the view of the Holburne Museum
  • on the way to Bath Abbey
  • and finally tour The Roman Baths.
  • Then we’ll head back to London and marinate in the lovely day we had.

Day 06


  • From Westminster Pier we will head to Greenwich Pier on River Red Rover Cruise on the Thames.
  • Once on Greenwich we will stroll to see the Last Tea Clipper – Cutty Stark.
  • Then head over to the National Maritime Museum and take our pictures straddling the Meridian Line
  • and then walk over to The Queen’s House.
  • Spend some time in the Royal Museum Greenwich.
  • Enjoy some grub and warm up in The Old Brewery then
  • walk down to the Royal Observatory Greenwich
  • Enjoy the park and stroll a bit more if the weather allows and then
  • Head back to Greenwich Pier and head on the Red Rover Cruise back to Westminster Pier.

Day 07

  • Stroll through St James Park on the way to Buckingham Palace by 10:45.
  • The Changing of the Guard is at 11:15 (By the way check before you go because they alternate days depending on the month. Also, when I went with my honey last year we didn’t get there early enough and my view consisted of me holding my iPhone above my head to capture the event….which I had to watch afterwards to see what all took place.)
  • Walk up to Harrod’s.
  • Check out the Natural History Museum
  • and the Victoria’s and Albert Museum
  • Stroll through Hyde Park
  • then exit the park to the north and stroll down Oxford Street. Check out the shopping if it’s so desired and people watch and stroll.
  • Enjoy the last night’s dinner at inamo Japanese Restaurant

We shall see how much of this actually happens and I’ll let y’all know what delicious grub we actually consume too. Either way here’s hoping my mom has a wonderful time! I’m looking forward to her visit.


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