Ireland, you sweet green country.

Ireland, you sweet green country.

I got to return to the Emerald Isle in August with my honey. It’s where we first met in good ole Dublin and we thought it would be cute to go back and have drinks at the place where it all began. Yes, I met him in a bar. And as a girl who has never even gone to bar by herself to hang out, this shocks me too! One of my girlfriends told me before I left, that I should do something I wouldn’t normally do. And I was all proud of myself that I had gone to a bar on my lonesome… and man am I glad I did. I should try to be more social, it really does pay off.

Anyway. We decided to drive from Dublin down to Killarney for a few days. He had asked if there was a part of Ireland I really liked and being as the view standing on a lovely seaside town off the Ring of Kerry has been my desktop pic for over a year now…well, I had my answer. I picked Killarney because of the Muckross House and Gardens I visited while I was there last March. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I absolutely love mountain ranges. Some people prefer the beach or desert but I’ll take the mountains any day.

Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park
Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park

So we wandered around the grounds and walked up to Torc Waterfall. The clouds started to roll in so we headed back and sat on the massive lawn between the house and the lake. It was such a great vibe. I imagine a lot of our fellow loungers were tourists like us, but we saw some older couples with canes and mother daughter combos in their running gear, kids rolling down the hills and couples with wine and snacks on blankets giving each other they eye. It was lovely. And cool! I wasn’t prepared properly. Shame on me I know I should have been more diligent about checking the weather but my honey kept going on about the 80 degree days in London… and it’s not that far from Ireland. Needless to say sweaters (or jumpers as they call them) were purchased. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by air that was a lovely 60 degrees when back home it was 100.

We headed to Kenmare next for lunch and just to drive along the Ring.

Ladies View
Ladies View

It was misty and beautiful and we stopped at this little shop at Ladies View for some carrot, coriander and coconut soup and soda bread. Yum. I realize the bowl’s in front of me, but I shared it. I promise!

2013-08-10 15.02.39
Ladies View Cafe and Bar

We drove on into Kenmare and wandered a bit, picked up some gifts and then ate at Davitt’s. Seafood platter was delish. In need of a nap we headed back to the hotel. The next day we picked up the suggestion to head to the Puck Fair in Killorglin. The history of the Fair is interesting. There were booths full of all kinds of stuff. I can see how it is a small town Fair. Reminded me of the Strawberry Festival in Poteet minus the carnival rides. It’s a time when locals get together and visit and for their kids to come home and reunite with friends and family. Ironically our cabbie in Dublin that night was from Killorglin and was really bummed he hadn’t made it home. Life is full of lovely coincidences.

Dublin was beautiful. We walked up to St Stephens Green and shared  a sandwich and crisps and watched the men in business suits and the families and tourists and one suspicious lady in tight black pants and a barely there top wander around the park. To sit and people watch in the sun with my love by my side was such a lovely treat. So much better than staring at him over a screen on Skype. We didn’t do much of the Temple Bar scene, except we ate at this Japanese place called Banyi Japanese Dining. It was good. I think our waitress goofed and forgot to put in our order because after sitting for about 45 minutes we had to remind them we hadn’t gotten our food. They were so apologetic and brought out some complimentary sashimi while we waited. The rolls we got were good, but they were HUGE! I didn’t expect them to be the width of my palm! I would recommend it to anyone looking for sushi in Dublin. Which still makes me smile to know I had sushi in Dublin.

We also visited Pablo Picante and had a burrito the next day. It was good, reminded me of Freebirds. We munched on the burrito on the way to the Glasnevin Museum and Cemetery.  The museum was full of history and noise. I was in sensory overload down in that dark, basement museum. They had great exhibits and so much information, but the videos and other sound exhibits were all competing with each other. I found it hard to focus in order to read all of the info. Which I am one of those sloth like museum goers anyways, but I found I had to keep reading the same things over and over. It made me a little sad for them.

We headed to the airport a little after that and the rest is sadness and tears so I’ll leave it out. And sign off with the lovely memories I have of really good fish and chips and the friendly people of that beautiful country.

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  • I love this post and enjoy reading it every single time. You have done an outstanding job with all of the pictures and descriptions and I am so impressed that you are still writing and posting…Keep up the good work. I am posting this one also on FB…

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