inamo restaurant and bar – soho

We were on our way to eat at The Breakfast Club but I was hungry and the line was really long. So we wandered around and stumbled across this awesome place.


We didn’t have a reservation but they had a table available so we took it. The hostess had to come over and tell us how to order. Apparently the table is interactive… and… our waiter. It was pretty cool. So I ordered us some yummy food and then while we drank our Asahi and waited for our food we played each other in Battleship. I won 2 out of 3 times. Oh Yeah!


I got us some Seared Salmon Maki
Fresh sliced salmon lightly blow-torched, laid over sushi rice & nori with a melting middle of soft avocado, cucumber & cream cheese.

and a sample of Nigiri.


We also ordered Kakiage (Lightly battered crispy vegetable mixed tempura, served with a tempura dipping sauce) but I was distracted by the cool table, games, delicious sushi and my honey’s smiling face and didn’t take a picture of it… it was sooooo freaking good though!


We didn’t check out the bar but I’d love to go back and try it all again.
inamo restaurant and bar

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