Hi, I’m new here

I have recently gotten into the obsessive following of certain blogs. I love peeking into other people’s lives and seeing what they’re up to. Realizing that there are actually other people out there that think like me… and some who do not. I got on this lovely set up of wordpress to figure out how to set up a web portfolio, being not so webdesign savy I was delighted to find this so easy. Sort of… it still presents it’s challenges because I want to design everything and don’t know how to just yet. But that’s just my nature. So I thought, well heck (no I didn’t really say that) I would love to start a personal blog and tell the world how I feel about stuff without actually having to tell you all who I am.

I have a ton to say or atleast I think I do. I do a lot of overanalyzing so really I should have named this blog overanalyzing headquarters, but that’s not very catchy. I’m trying to cool it with that and live in the present moment. I have a love/hate relationship with the city I live in and want to move off but am broke and in debt and am scared, if I’m being honest. So I go to a job I love 70% of the time at a company that I I like 20% of the time to work with some people that I don’t really care for 100% of the time. Since this city that I want to leave is the city I’ve lived the longest in, it’s probably obvious that I am constantly in search of a place to light, a place to belong. I tried to put down roots here, but they didn’t take.

Are some people just meant to never settle? If that’s the case why do I feel the need to?

So I figure I just haven’t found it yet. Still in search of a perch.

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