Graham Greenglass’s London Cab Tour

Graham Greenglass’s London Cab Tour

I entered this drawing for a free black cab tour on a blog I follow The Little London Observationist (now she’s focusing on her new blog The Little Observationist)… and I won! Yeah for me. And for my mom. I waited until she visited to claim my prize.

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Graham  created London Cab Tour in 2001. He said he’s from a family of taxi drivers and this role suits him with his love of London and being self employed. He picked us up at my flat and sat and chatted with us for a bit, asking if there was anything special we really wanted to see or learn about so he could include it in the tour. I went with the London Highlights Tour because I have never been on a tour, nope… not even one of those hop on hope off gigs. So off we went.


We stopped at a few place to take pics and he would show us some pics pertinent to the story, it was interactive and painted a nice story. One place we stopped at was Saint Paul’s Cathedral. He told us some fun facts like the current Cathedral is 3/4 the size of the original.

Our second stop was at the Trinity Square Gardens. Where, while under the oldest tree in London (aka Susan) we had a lovely view of The Tower of London along with the WWI Mercantile Marine Memorial and the WWII Merchant Seaman’s Memorial. I didn’t take pictures here because I was sure we would make it back there in the week but… alas we did not.

24 Shakespears GlobeNext we stopped at the Shakespeare Globe theater where he told us a little about it’s history and moved our attention to the Thames. We learned during low tide ‘Mudlarkers’ cruise the riverbed looking for churned up treasure… perhaps something to do in your free time? Bring your Wellies.


Last we stopped at Lambeth Pier and checked out this amazing view of the Palace of Westminster. It looked beautiful and he told us to check out the walking path along the Thames to the south. Knowing we were going to walk the Queen’s Walk that day.  IMG_2499


IMG_2507 All in all it was a fun tour. It was nice to ride across Tower Bridge in a Black Cab and tool around with a guide who has a degree in History. I was especially impressed with his innovative tour for those with long layovers while flying. I remember having a 6 hour layover in NYC once and wishing for something like this tour. He said he recommends the tour if you have a 6 or more hours between flights.



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  • I look back at these pictures and can remember every minute we spent exploring glorious LONDON. I can even remember the smells of the city. The smell of the streets after a typical LONDON shower. I remember observing all of the people wondering where they were going and what were they thinking. I remember thinking, Texas has a lot of beautiful people”. What an experience that is everlasting and a dream come true thanks to you Andrea. I still have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head when I look at these photos and read all of your comments and totally RELIVE the whole experience. Amazing. Simple Amazing.

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