Eggs on a shelf

Eggs on a shelf


I couldn’t find them, we walked around the same refrigerated section 3 times.

Finally my honey asked,”Baby what are you looking for?”
“Eggs” Me.
“They’re not over here” Says honey.

He walks me over to a shelf no where near any refrigeration and there they are. Isn’t it funny how you can walk by something but if it’s not how you’re use to seeing it then it is unrecognizable? (That made sense right?)

“Why aren’t they refrigerated?” I ask a little weary of these eggs.
“We don’t do that. ”

Oh…. Ok. Why? Why do we not do this in the US? What makes our eggs need to be refrigerated and theirs don’t? Interesting….

So after reading a bit about it, it’s thanks to the good ole USDA. Apparently they don’t trust Americans with washing our own eggs, so the eggs are “power washed” stripping them of their protective coating, which required them to be refrigerated. I also read about how when you’re going to cook your eggs, you should leave them out on the counter to warm up to room temperature before cooking.

Good to know.

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