Egg salad sandwich goodness

I love me some egg salad sandwiches. Make ‘me myself and I buy them in stores in the on the go section… Not in restaurants though. Something about buying an egg salad sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich in a restaurant that just doesn’t seem right to me. Today we were staying in and watching the Grand National and all the accompanying shows so I thought I’d just boils us up some eggs. Can I just say… I decided to steal an idea from watching Sunny Anderson on the Food Network one day, where she put some diced jalapeños in her deviled eggs. So I thought… Why not add ’em to my egg salad?


In the bowl went the eggs with some spicy mustard, jalapeños and mayo and the fun part of smooshin’ and mashin’ started. Then I put it in the fridge for a while… Cause you can’t have warm egg salad!


Then I put it on some yummy Polish bread and a mix of water crest, rocket and spinach. Sprinkled some dill on top and then cut it in half diagonally because who doesn’t like that?



I love me some Doritos Cool Ranch (which you can read more about HERE) and I was OVER THE MOON when my honey said, ” you know the cool ranch goes really well with it.” I KNOW!!! Spicy, creamy, salty and sweet. Done.

And one of my three picks for the Grand National came in second. Way to go Balthazar King!

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