DIY Curtain Prints

DIY Curtain Prints

I’ve been looking for a cool way to style up some curtains for the flat’s entrance. I’m tired of looking at the coats and shoes on the shelf when I come in. I would much rather hang a curtain to hide it all and was thinking I would buy a plain white linen curtain (or sheet) and add something along these lines…


1. Lovely print… maybe I could use black and then one or two other colors. Found it on Photobucket

2. Easy DIY pattern. I like the color too… found at Lines across. She’s kind of fantastic with the tutorials and ideas.

3. I love these little Swiss crosses. Just saw them while browsing Sugar and Cloth.

4. I loves me a tree pattern. This one I saw on Hitomi Kimura Designs on Etsy.

5. This blog, EcoSalon, had some cute ideas. I like the idea of triangles for the curtain.


Anybody have a preference or better idea? Leave me a comment!

2 thoughts on “DIY Curtain Prints”

  • I love the first design, but looking at the collection, there’s a lot of crisp graphics – and a lot of ice blue. So clearly you are being drawn in that direction! Whether you make it yourself with your brilliant talents or whether you buy it (from Liberty?), it will be a beautiful entryway!

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