Denver or London…

Denver or London…

Places I think I would like to fly away to:

  • Denver
  • London

I’ve been to Denver, but never to London. I would think it would be wise to go visit this Big Smoke before telling myself that I want to move there. I wish I was one of those people who were brave enough to just get up and go.

Reasons I think I want to live in Denver:

  • Weather – it is so hot where I live and there isn’t really a winter. It “snowed” 8 years ago when I moved here and by snow I meant we had a few flakes that fell on me as I walked towards my car on Thanksgiving Day. By the time I got to my car, it was over.
  • Culture – I live in a city where my culture is not the majority, it’s not the minority either. I believe that we all have the same rights to think and speak for ourselves. We all should be able to spend our lives with who we want and vote for who we want and own land where we want. I do recognize that with different cultures comes different ways of doing things. I am not a fan of how things are done or viewed here, and I would like to go to a place where others have the same way of doing things as me or atleast different from how they are done here.
  • Snow – I love the snow. I have never shoveled a walkway. Where I grew up we would have snow days (really that meant ice days) and frozen windshields and my parents would have to go start the car 30 minutes before we went to school. But it’s completely different to wake up and take your dog for a walk in the snow and smell the crisp, fresh air. I lived in Santa Fe for a while and it snowed in town during that time and I absolutely loved it.
  • Progressive thinking – this might go back to the cultural issue, but this relates to advertising and music on the radio and architecture being built and activities around town and the sense of community that some places have… this city not being one of them.
  • Mountains – I love the mountains, driving through them, hiking up them, skiing down them, lovingly gazing at them from a distance.

Reasons why I think I would like to live in London:

  • Boyfriend – it’s where my boyfriend lives
  • Culture – while I know now that the culture I am surrounded by is not one I wish to spend the rest of my life in, I am curious about other cultures and would love to get to know the British people and how they view things.
  • Food – this might be related back to culture but they have different food and other ways of cooking. I wanna experience that.
  • Language – it’s Europe… but they speak English. I realize that they speak a different kind of English than I am use to. They would say they speak English and I speak American English… I have actually heard this from someone, and I don’t disagree. They do measure things in the metric system and their money is in pounds and pence and things that are highly unfamiliar to me, but I have adapted my whole life and don’t think that would be a problem.
  • Weather – it actually snows in town. I realize that it rains, although from the blogs I have read it doesn’t actually rain all the time it just rains often in little spurts and you never know when it’s going to hit. But the thought of living in a place that has 76 degree highs in the summer feels like it’s worth moving across an ocean for.
  • Travel – ummm… France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy are a plane ride away and not a day of flying… it would be like flying from San Antonio to Chicago… if it even took that long. Scotland’s up the road and Ireland is a boat ride away.

It’s probable that when things get hard I feel a push to move and get out of this place that I am growing to despise. Even when things aren’t tough I feel a pull from another place. People say the economy is bad; you won’t be able to find a job… maybe not in my field. But honestly, if I could find a job to pay my bills and I actually liked where I lived I feel like I would be able to breathe a little easier. I know that there will always be something… always… but if I like the things I look at everyday wouldn’t that make it more fun to get up and face the day?

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