Cream for my coffee

So I already posted about the whole UK vs US coffee difference thing here. This one is about cream for my coffee. I’m thinking ahead about how I will adjust living in London and like many others out there, I want my coffee man! I’m use to going to work everyday where we have a carafe (actually 3) of filtered coffee that continually get refilled until about 3 in the afternoon at which time we all make a conscious effort to stop refilling our mugs. But with this coffee comes cream. I’m a french vanilla flavored creamer kind of girl. I love me some French Vanilla in my coffee. My honey had no idea what I was talking about.

It is perfectly acceptable in the UK to drink instant coffee. Yeah. Instant. It’s not so bad really just not what I’m use to. I got us some of those little Starbucks VIA packets and with this lovely little thing called a kettle that everyone in the UK owns (no, not in the US) they make their morning coffee… or tea I suppose. But what am I suppose to put in my coffee? Milk you say? Ummm… is there no cream to be found? So when I was at The Diner, I asked my waitress if she knew where I could find some creamer for my coffee and she pointed me to these little guys which I found in the… wait for it… Whole Foods on Parkway in Camden Town. This is what they look like and while I am still on the search for some French Vanilla creamer… these will do for a while.


And this is what they we use in the states. There are many flavors, but I’m sticking with this one.


More on why Whole Foods excites me later…

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