Cowboys, Kolaches and Antiques

Cowboys, Kolaches and Antiques

On my visit to Texas I went up to Dallas for a few days to visit my oldest friend… no not in age… the one I’ve known since High School. It always feels like coming home when spending time with her, no matter how much time has passed. The kind of friend you don’t have to talk with… you can just sit in silence. Lovely. As with all of my trips it was arranged around food. Surprisingly I didn’t gain any weight when I was there.

We ate On The Border fajitas and had a Sangria swirl margarita.

Had brekkie at The Old Pancake House and shared a Dutch Baby… yum.


Had some of the BEST nachos I’d ever had at Fuzzy’s Tacos in Decatur when we went for a little drive one day.

We went to have a look at LBJ’s Grassland National Park. Having recently been to his ranch in Johnson City I expected the same kind of set up and boy was I wrong. The give away should have been the website and lack of information. But it was a fun drive out in the country, reminded me of when we use to do that years ago. Seems so wasteful with gas and the whole global warming thing but it’s one of those things that is part of a culture… like carrying fire arms I guess.

Like a couple of old broads we wandered around Antique stores and sat up late reminiscing. Got filled up on Kolaches and donuts one weekend… no we didn’t eat all of them in one day. They were all gone before the visit was up though.


It was fun driving around Arlington where I lived for a few years and went to college. Things have changed and things have not. It’s funny how when you haven’t been to a place in a long time you can’t really remember how to get from A to B. Well, you couldn’t tell someone else how to get there really… because you can go off of some buried memory and instinct and find your own way. We figured it out.

Went to a Cowboy’s Pre Season game that night, which is why we spent the almost 2 hours getting to Arlington.


Was unimpressed with the stadium even though she and I had taken a tour before it opened a few years ago. It took us FOREVER to get to our seats. Apparently the layout is very unforgiving if you make just ONE wrong turn. It’s a sure sign that something is poorly designed if EVERY SINGLE USHER has to have a little 20 page booklet with the layout so that he or she can pull it out for every visitor who asks where they’re suppose to be going. And they always seemed to be busy giving directions. I’ll give them this… first time I’ve ever paid $9 for nachos and felt like it was actually worth it. Me and my friend couldn’t even finish them.

We wandered around Denton the next day and I was really pleased with what I saw. That little city is a hot spot. Highly recommend a visit. I hadn’t been in years and love the vibe. It kind of reminds me of a baby Austin. They have a nice free spirit, embracing the eccentric atmosphere with lots of nice little quirky shops and folks.

As all things must, the trip ended with me back on the Southwest plane to San Antonio filled up with new memories.

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