Coffee in the UK

So when I first came here to visit my honey he asked me if I wanted a coffee and I said yes. Thinking that was the end of it, as he and the waitress stood there looking at me with question in their eyes. I was puzzled.

“What?” Me
“What kind of coffee?” My honey
“What are my options?” Me

He hands me the menu and there’s the list of what I would normally see at Starbucks… But in just about every restaurant in London. For Americans traveling in the UK for the first time just know that what we normally get back home is called filtered coffee or a pot of coffee. If you’re at an American diner in London sometimes there are free refills but mostly not. There aren’t a lot of free refills in London period.

I’m use to it now and like the options. If you go to most places in the US they won’t have an espresso machine, so a cup of joe is the only thing you’ll have available.

Just thought I’d put that out there for anyone who was like me coming over here for the first time.


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