Coffee and architects

I’ve always loved coffee. I think I get it from my dad. I can drink coffee at midnight and doze off after, but don’t feel right most of the time unless I have it in the morning. It doesn’t makes any sense, obviously it’s not waking me up or I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. When I was little and my dad would have his coffee I wanted some too! And so in my milk he would put a tiny, little bit… a spoon full really… of coffee. He would call this my coffee milk. Come to think of it, this is probably why I don’t usually drink coffee black, unless it’s really flavorful then I try and appreciate it in its original brewed form.

When I started architecture school my coffee intake went up, like most architecture students. We had pots of coffee in our studios and we would drink coffee until the wee hours of the morning in an attempt to stay awake in the 24 – 48 hours before a project was due because there was just so much work to be done. Architects are known for procrastinating. And having messy desks… anyway.

I’m wondering how the Brits do it. In firms in the states we have pots of coffee being brewed all day. There are maybe 10 cups brewed per pot. It seems like this brewing coffee is an American thing, where as the British tend to drink instant coffee or have something mixed with a shot of espresso. What am I to expect when I start working at a firm? Will I need to bring my own instant coffee? Do they have kettles? Do they even have coffee making capabilities? or will I have to take my break and walk down the block to buy a cappuccino or latte for a fix?

Anybody work in the UK and have pots of coffee on demand? Or work at an architecture firm and can shed some light on this for me?

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