Chotto Matte – Japanese Peruvian Fusion in London

Chotto Matte – Japanese Peruvian Fusion in London

Japanese and Peruvian fusion you say? I was going over the menu online and my mouth started to water as I read words like sweet potato, avocado, peruvian corn, tuna sashimi, seabass, yellow chilli and grapefruit citrus salad… the combinations … oh my. They’re putting these lovely ingredients together… I hope it’s good.

These kind of restaurants always seem to disappoint me. I called to make a reservation because my Open Table app didn’t seem to be working for the restaurant. Found out once we arrived that the hostess who answered the call scheduled us for 4 days earlier… like in the past. They were lovely and made room for us. The interiors are lovely, dimly lit, romantic, the light fixtures are modern and simple, the large version of a spiral stair leads you to the second floor where we sat. The kitchen is open for viewing, you can watch your chef sweating away back there over your creation.

Chotto-Matte-Interior-kitchenIt was very busy for a Tuesday night and it was definitely a hipster vibe. I’m only 33 and I felt a little old for the place. I mean… the walls were graffitied…


I was impressed with the furniture or choices for dishes either.

My honey always surprises the host at restaurants when they hand him a menu and he hands it back saying, “She’s doing the ordering”. It’s something we’ve always done, I basically order things I like (and make sure there’s some meat in there for him somewhere) and we share. I fell a little deeper in love with him when this became the norm early in our relationship. His reasoning, “I like what you order”. There you have it.

This evening, however, I didn’t want to pick so I did something I don’t usually do and ordered the Tasting Menu II. Apparently it changes so if you go and order this one you may get a few different things.

Seafood ceviche – Prawn, scallop, seabass, sweet potato, peruvian corn, coriander, chive oil, citrus sauce. It was interesting. Citrus-y and the green chive oil sauce is an important part of the ideal bite. The hard baked peruvian corn was pointless I felt… and really hard.

Chotto-Matte-Seafood -cevicheScallop tiradito – Scallop sashimi, coriander, jalapeño, black salt, lemon and lime juice. This dish was ok. Spicy. For some reason we got 2 of these, I think in place of the taco trio I believe was suppose to come out.

Chotto-Matte-Scallop -tiraditoTostaditas – Tuna sashimi, corn crisp, jalapeno, coriander, wasabi. This was pretty damn delicious. It sure doesn’t look pretty though.

Chotto-Matte-TostaditasEbi harumaki ponzu salsa – Prawn spring roll, shiitake, yuzu, shiso, ponzu salsa. These were pretty good too, but it’s really hard to screw up fried prawn spring rolls. The sauce was… ehhhh.

Chotto-Matte-Ebi-harumaki-ponzu-salsaBacalao negro aji miso – Black cod, yellow chilli miso… or … Rape pimentón  – Monkfish, crab, miso butter quinoa. I don’t really remember because honestly I don’t remember much about this dish. It was un-memorable.

Chotto-matteBarriguita de chanchito – Pork belly, nashi pear, yellow tomato salsa. This was a strange one. One end of this was juicy and really flavorful, the other end was kind of dry. But the parts that were juicy and filled with flavor were delicious!

Chotto-Matte-Barriguita-de-chanchitoMaki Rolls – Lomo saltado + Sushi – Salmon, tuna and yellowtail. The roll was ok. The salmon was  FREAKING DELICIOUS, the other two were just ok.

Chotto-Matte-Maki-roll-Lomo-saltado-sushiDessert – Salted caramel chocolate fondant. Yeah this was chocolate… fondant. It was wonderful, I wanted to lick the plate.

Chotto-Matte-Salted-caramel-chocolate-fondantBrûlée de la passion – Almond pyramid, aji amarillo gel, guava sorbet. The flavor combination was strange… the “gel” was creamy and sweet and then you had guava sorbet. Give me a contrasting and complimenting flavor please.

Chotto-Matte-BržlŽe-de-la-passionWe washed that all down with a bottle of sake… The Classic One – Kubota Senju. I don’t know a lot about sake, I’ve only had it a few other times and have never been the one to order. I wouldn’t order this one again, it was smooth but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I wish I could remember the one I had at this sushi joint in Austin (Texas that is y’all).

So that’ll teach me to order tasting menus again. OK, what I wish I had ordered:

  • Cassava and sweet potato chips – Yellow tomato salsa, guacamole
  • Tostaditas – Tuna sashimi, corn crisp, jalapeno, coriander, wasabi
  • Nikkei gyoza – Pork, prawn and cassava dumplings served on aji amarillo and butternut puree
  • Maiz, aguacate y papa morada ahumada kaki age – Corn, green bean, avocado, spring onion fritters, daikon sauce
  • Lomo a la parilla – Beef fillet, spicy teriyaki, pomegranate salsa (Pomegranate salsa people!!!!)
  • Sake dragon roll (8pcs) – Salmon, avocado
  • A couple of these – Sake – Salmon

I don’t know when we’ll go back to try this joint though, because there are so many other restaurants to try in London and this place just seemed to be so inconsistent.

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