Change is a brewin’

Change is a brewin’

I imagine all of you know this, that life is constantly changing and is full of surprises. Relationships don’t work out like we hope, careers don’t work out like we hope… life doesn’t work out like we hope. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work out eventually. That’s what I’m telling myself right now. I started this blog 2 years ago because I was unhappy with a few things in my life and I wanted to make some changes. And, boy have I ever. I met this great guy who led me down an adventurous path full of love, travel and new remarkable experiences. I had the chance to live in London and Birmingham for a while. Along with travel around the UK visiting its lovely cities and meeting its lovely residents. I made some wonderful new friends. However, as I started saying at the beginning… things change. I am now back in San Antonio, Texas. I am going to start a part time job as a Project Manager for an architecture firm on Monday and I still have to get a car because public transportation is not an option for me here. Change is a brewin’.

Due to these changes in my life, I think my blog is going to undergo some changes itself. Probably I will be talking about different things. Things that are affecting my life now. I am still in search of a perch and while working part time will be pursuing a start in real estate photography which I am gearing towards building experience in the world of architectural photography. I want to be one of those people that fly all around the world taking pictures of beauty… in the form of buildings, their exteriors and interiors and their landscapes. That’s the new goal. Without this past year to explore, reflect and be away from the full time job I had that was not inspiring me to do great things, I would not have realized this new goal.

Me and “my honey” are still friends… but it seems that is all we are meant to be. And maybe that’s a lot after all. Not to be too gushy but he has been one of the most remarkable people I have every had in my life and I hope we can maintain that friendship foreva’.

So on this blog I was thinking that along with continuing to post about some of the cool things I saw on my travels over the past year (because it’s fun for me to relive them) I’m going to start posting about architecture from the perspective of the people who do it, rather than the buildings that we inhabit. I have a list of a few folks I intend to interview who have all gotten degrees in Architecture but who are all doing different things with them. I guess the point of this new exercise is to explore this field I have found myself in from a new perspective. I also intend to attempt to interview (if they’ll be willing) some architectural photographers… or  atleast feature those that I aspire to be like. So I hope those of you who check in with me regularly don’t mind these new tangents I will be chasing.

It’s still me… and stuff I like… and I’m still in search of a perch.

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