A short stay at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham

A short stay at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham

When I first visited Birmingham we stayed here for a few nights so we could get the lay of the land. It was interesting. Can’t say I’d stay again but it was an experience and I try not to throw those away.


We wandered around the grounds which were really lovely and really educational with all of the different kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees.


We ate in one night and I’m showing you these pics because the food looked really good. Too bad it didn’t taste as good as it looked. Our waitress was the first person to ever look at me with a blank stare and respond, “I’m so sorry I can’t understand your accent…” So I just looked at my honey and he ordered.

The building has an interesting history and is, of course, really old but it wasn’t really a castle… more like a manor house. All in all I guess I’d give it 3 stars… but I don’t know that we’ll be going back.

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