Cast that net wide

Two weeks ago I was so excited to get this job search started that I sent out resumes to 6 job openings and haven’t heard a thing back. After I sent them and sitting on the webfolio and resume for a couple of weeks, I revisited them with some additional comments from trusted critics and I am kicking myself for sending out those 6. I can’t take it back now, it’s done. They’re out there and any time in the future when I reapply for a job with those companies I’ll have that first resume on file. I’m not saying it was a horrible resume… it just was a first draft. I have always had that problem, I want to be able to do things right the first time, and not have to work at it. Not have to sleep on it and revisit the design, not have to rewrite it 6 times and certainly not be patient and wait until it’s nicely developed to send it out into the world. I have to remind myself of this all the time, rather I am reminded of this all the time. I’m not actually smart enough to remember it and remind myself.

I was talking to a coworker today, who is, it turns out an Italian citizen. I knew he had been born in Italy but I knew his mom and brother lived in the US and he went to high school here and so I assumed that he was a citizen. Nope, he can legally work here because he married an American but not before then. Anyway, he was telling me about the process he had to go through to get a work visa and how he was turned down after going to high school and college here. He was turned down, meaning he couldn’t legally work here, he had a social security number for crying out loud…legally. I asked him if he didn’t have his wife, what he would have done.

“Would you go back to Italy?”

“No, I don’t know anyone there and barely remember living there”, he said.

Can you imagine? I personally do not understand why he hasn’t taken his bride and flown over to Italy where he can work because he’s a citizen and had the experience of that for his scrapbook. All that visas this and that talk got me properly discouraged, which I know I can’t allow. At the end of our chat he told me good luck because what I’m trying to do by moving to London sounds like it’ll take atleast a year. Thanks a lot Italian. He could move to London easier than I could.

So in my search I have applied to Chicago, New York City, Boston, Tampa, Dallas and London. Trying to cast that net wide and now I’m actually considering looking in other fields adjacent to my own. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of this dream. The goal? Move away from San Antonio into a new, exciting, progressive, fun filled city. How do I get there? I have to have a job, so that’s number one. How do I get a job? First step…create a badass resume and webfolio. And in order to do that, I need time and perhaps some assistance. Patience with myself and some self discipline would come in handy too.

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