Birmingham First Impression

Birmingham First Impression

After spending some time in London the only things I had heard about Birmingham were negative comments delivered with a scoff and sometimes a slight shake of the head. As you can imagine because of this I wasn’t too sure how well I was going to like this city but since I knew I had the chance to spend a few months here I thought I’d go in with an open mind. So far it hasn’t disgusted me as I feared it would. The city could do with some TLC as a general note, lots of broken windows around town. The buses aren’t as nice as the ones in London, the apps for transport usually make me angry when using them and it rains more. At the same time the people here are super friendly, pleasant and helpful and it feels more like England than London did. London is such an international city that one of the reasons I was excited to come to Brum, as the locals call it, was to experience some more traditional English culture. Since I have been here I have gotten a few, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your accent” which is new for me, but a refreshing experience to know first hand what it feels like to have to slow down my speaking and enunciate. Or to try and speak Brummy… if it’s needed.

So far I’ve explored the City Centre, the Jewelry Quarter, Sutton Coldfield, Moseley, Kings Heath and a bit of Digbeth. There is so much more to check out like the canals (little fact… Brum has more canals than Venice) and the Balti Triangle are on my list for sure. I knew of the British obsession with curry but in Birmingham in the 70’s they created an entirely new dish called Balti which is a must try when visiting.

All in all so far it’s not a bad place. The urban landscape is off-putting I think industrial is a good way to describe the city, but the people are more than making up for it. I look forward to getting to know this city better.

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  • I so enjoy your blogs especially when you tell us about your day to day activities of exploration and detail. We are curious creatures and want everything. Can we have a picture of you in some of these blogs please. Thank you Love you HUGS KISSES

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