Bath, the city… in England

Bath, the city… in England

We rode into Bath after visiting Stonehenge and it was an absolutely beautiful day. After touring the Roman Baths (which I wrote about HERE), we were ready to try Sally Lunn’s famous buns.


This is a place that’s featured on the main Bath sites but it was pretty good…and packed. We even took some buns home with us to eat later with just some cinnamon butter. Yum they were.

2014-02-26 14.13.30

Mom had the rarebite and tomato basil soup

2014-02-26 14.13.26

I had the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato with tomato basil soup. Yes, you can have a bite of my BLT on a bun but there’s no need to share the soup.


After that we started our wander and witnessed this adorable scene.

Small town living… just walk by and shout up to your neighbor to say hi.



And there was this guy. Any guesses as to why that coat is painted the way it is?

He was a nice man and that little girl is too precious!


We saw this couple making fudge, I think they were on a date. Pretty cute and of course we bought some.


Then we strolled down to the Bath Market and walk through on our way to see the Pulteney Bridge.

IMG_2841 copy


Perhaps it should also be known as the Pigeon roost Bridge… maybe that’s what Pulteney means. No no. It was named after William Pulteney who wanted to make some money by connecting Bath with the opposite side of the river. Still one of the few bridges in the world that hosts shops that are still in use.


Who in their right mind would dive from here? But like they say… where there’s a sign… there’s a fool who has done it.


We wandered down to the Parade Gardens and it was so peaceful. There were City Landscapin’ folks fixing and planting and tidying up. Thank you for that.


It was unreal how different it felt when sitting in this park versus walking on the street. You couldn’t hear any cars or chattering, just the roar of the water and the song of the birds.

IMG_2844and that was all we could see in our allotted time. Perhaps we will return one day and explore the rest.

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  • Bath was a lovely and fun city that was totally enjoyable after our Coach Trip to Stonehenge and the food was delicious. Every where we went the people were very friendly. The roman baths truly were ancient and actually under renovations at the time that we visited. Bath is definitely a place to come and visit, shop and enjoy great food.

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