Are you moving there for him?

This is the questions I was asked a few days ago. The look on this guys face was one of disgust. Seriously? Let’s see here… I do not generally enjoy living in this city and want to experience another. I want to find my “life partner” and settle into a lovely routine with him and I think I’ve found him but he lives 4700 miles away. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe. So to me 1+1+1=3. Makes sense that I would want to live in the same city as the man I am in a relationship with.

My mother’s reply to this man’s inquiry was, “If you met Scotland on eHarmony would this guy approve of one of you moving to the other’s city then?” It’s the same principle isn’t it? You know you want to be in a relationship, you find someone that surprisingly ticks off most of the boxes on your must have list and you want to then live in the same city as him so you can have dinner with him on Wednesday nights and make out in movie theaters.

I think it would be different if I loved this city and had this awesome job and a big family and was well rooted here. Then it would be like, “Oh God are you giving up everything to move over there just for this guy???” I could understand that one, but me… I wouldn’t be giving up anything I’m not ready to hand over tonight.

Mind your own business nosy Parker.

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