Accused of bribing!

Edible Arrangements

Back in August I went back to London after a few days in Ireland. I already blogged about that lovely trip, read it here. Knowing I would be in London for the two days at the tail end of the trip I thought it would be a great idea to try and schedule an interview or two. So I contacted an acquaintance of mine who works for this global architecture firm at their Baltimore office and asked her what she would recommend me doing to get my foot in the door. I mean, it’s just an interview right? It’s hard enough to get picked to work for this particular firm unless you’re a superstar (which I’m not). I mean you submit all of your info online and then IF they like you they’ll call, they even say on the site, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” I may be paraphrasing a little… So she told me to send her my resume and she would give it to her boss and see what he could do with it.

I was so excited and rushed home to clean it up (the old version pre-recruiter polish). She gave it to her boss, he sent it to the Big Cheese in London and I was patiently holding my iPhone all day just waiting for it to buzz with a +44 number. It may be apparent by now that I have an active imagination and may or may not get the cart before the horse at times… ok most of the time. I decided to send my “friend” a lovely Edible Arrangement for hookin’ it up so to speak and then I had the great idea to do the same to the Big Cheese in London! What a great way to make an impression, right?!?!?!? Brilliant!

No. It was not.

I dropped a bill on this arrangement and got a politely worded email from the HR department stating that he couldn’t accept the gift, as generous as it was, because the company has a no bribing policy. What!?! I’m not a briber!! I was just trying to stand out in the sea of applicants and to possibly sit down for 15 minutes and chat about architecture in the UK and maybe get some advice. I mean a job offer would have been nice. But I’m looking for some guidance here people!

In all fairness, my honey warned me. “Yeah we just don’t do things like that over here…” he said with a little bit of disgust in his voice… too much for my liking thank you very much. So now I’m the bribing pushy American… maybe they’ll forget my name so I won’t be humiliated if I ever run into them one day. Somebody better have eaten that damn chocolate covered fruit. It would be a crime to toss it!

Lesson learned… comply with local customs when dealing with other cultures.

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